Back to School Sale

I'm hosting a Back to School Sale on August 17 through the 20th. All my products will be 20% off.

The website I use to host my products will be giving buyers an additional 8% off on August 18th and 19th only for up to 28% savings on those two days.

Check it out if you get a chance. Make sure you enter the PROMO CODE at checkout. It is BTS13


Featured products are my Name Recognition Activities. Perfect for Kindergarten

Name Recognition Activity #1 - Completely Editable to
 fit any name between 3 letters and 11 letters long.  
Laminate with the child's picture and use it as a Literacy Center the first month of Kindergarten. Children will love to build their name and their friends' names as well. If  you don't have enough letter tiles save plastic bottle caps and use a Sharpie to write letters on them.

Name Recognition Activities #2
Students cut, match, and paste
the letters in their name. 
This file is also completely editable to accommodate names from 3 letters long to 11 letters long. Just take your class list to the computer and directly input the names. Great for Homework or Classwork.

Name Recognition Activities #3
Completely Editable for names from 3 letters
long to 11 letters long. Great for Back to School.
This activity is great for teaching students to recognize the letters in their name as well as the correct order of the letters. Ideal for Homework or Classwork the first month of Kindergarten or Preschool.

Every product above is featured at less than $4.00. With the sale discounts you'll be able to get them ALL.

Here is a freebie. I use it in my homework packet the first two weeks of Kindergarten.

Free Name Recognition Activity
Perfect for homework.

Click here to download it for free.

Here is another name recognition freebie:

Free Name Tracing #2
Free Name Tracing with Bubble Theme