Fathers' Day 2015

Three days before school ended I reigned in the crazy and made Father's day gifts with my students. Here is the result

fathers day gift kindergarten
Fathers' Day Project for Kindergarten
We made iphone cards made to look like the screen shot of an incoming call. I used this toy phone as a prop. Kids held it up to their ear and smiled into the camera.

Father's Day Phone Call Craft

The phone outline was printed on cardstock and colored in with marker by the kids. I added the photo to the center and laminated them together. We put a magnet on the back so it would be ready for displaying on Dad's file cabinet at work, mini fridge, main fridge, or office furniture, etc. 

The second part of the gift was the card made to look like a GOOGLE SEARCH results page. 

I printed each card in color on cardstock and folded it in half for the kids. The Google letters are outlined in color but the kids filled them in with marker to look more realistic. 

On the blue line of the inside kids write their father's full legal name. I had to help my little ones with that one since most kids did not actually know their father's real name. 

Fathers' Day Card 1

Father's Day Card 2
Last, the kids drew a picture of their father in the box and described why he is such a great father. 

Like last year (2014 project), I had the kids use a technology/gadget theme to the father's day crafts. I sell the templates in my TPT store.