Teacher Memes

I was feeling playful tonight after the completion of my blog redesign and opening up a brand new facebook account for my Teachers Pay Teachers products so I created a few funny Teacher Memes to help you share in my merriment. Feel free to pin the images to your social media accounts.

Here is my facebook link: www.facebook.com/kindergartencorps

This was the teacher meme that started it all for me tonight. The "Success Kid" meme felt appropriate because I brought home all my students' assessment data for math, writing, and the language arts benchmark to sort by student ... and I actually did it! I'm one step closer to report card preparation.

Teacher Meme : Success Kid

The next appropriate Teacher Meme for me tonight is the "Thinking About Life" Bear meme. This will be me tonight as I seem to have a lot of energy and it's nearly 9 pm.

Teacher Memes: Thinking Abut Life
Speaking of bears. I read my class a bear book this week in preparation for Spring. The bear had been asleep and hibernating and he awoke to flowers and birds everywhere. Even though he was a kind bear I went ahead and read his voice in a growly voice ... as it should be! I teach Kindergarten after all.

Teacher Meme: Mordor
Needless to say my audience was enthralled. Growly voice tends to do that to five year olds. The next meme came from the 15 minutes it took me to scrub glitter and dried glue off my students' desks before leaving on Friday. It's all worth it, right?

Teacher Meme: Toy Story

Why am I worrying about having cute crafts? The superintendent will be visiting my school soon and we all know what a well decorated classroom means, right?

Teacher Meme: Willy Wonka Sarcasm

But back to Fun Fridays. Homework is due on Fridays in my class. Inevitably, there is always one or two students who show up with no homework. I understand that five year olds are very dependent on their parents but still. Responsibility begins at young age!

Teacher Meme: The Matrix

It is my number one pet peeve. Just because a child is small doesn't mean they can't learn some responsibility for their actions. But considering how crazy households can be in the morning I guess I can be more lenient from time to time. This leads to my next pet peeve. Parents in Pajamas! It's 8 am not 5 am. Please put on real pants. You have time. Treat yourself to a cute outfit in the morning. You deserve it.

Teacher meme: Star Trek
Speaking of treats, in my district we are lucky enough to have instructional aides who help pull out and tutor our kids who are behind. Every year around Spring time, I get my class of ELLs to a point where they are ALL meeting benchmark before Spring Quarter.

Little do they know, I rely on the aide to help in this process and ... then they take her time from me. Don't they know its because of her help that I was able to accomplish this feat? There goes the ability to maintain it. Womp Womp Womp. 

Teacher Meme: Bad Luck Brian

Speaking of success being a group effort the next meme is to say thank you via Kevin Durant. I work very hard to get my 24 Kindergarteners from a low socio economic, primarily ELL neighborhood to excel at all Kindergarten standards but parents work harder in different but equally important ways.

Teacher Meme: Kevin Durant
Key word: DIFFERENT. I make up odd songs that work well one day and then I can't remember them a week later because I made them up on the fly in the moment. Maybe one day I'll learn to write them down before I forget.

And I've saved the best for last. In no other profession is taking a sick day ten times harder than going to work sick or feeling low. Every time I complain someone always says, "Well at least you have Summers off." Cue the smallest violin. Only a teacher will understand.

Teacher Meme: Dos XX 
That's it for now. I hope you enjoyed my Teacher Memes. I'm off to watch The Walking Dead on my DVR. I love that show.