Kindergarten Promotion Ceremony - End of the Year Graduation Song

I have written an original parody song to the tune of "Let it Go" from FROZEN by Disney. My class has been practicing three times a day for the last two weeks. We have finally memorized the song well enough to be recorded. Go ahead and take a listen. You'll notice they get pretty loud for the chorus!

Click here for Audio

Here is the note I sent home two weeks ago to parents teach kids the lyrics.

Here are slides from our PowerPoint presentation I displayed on the class' Promethean Board to sing the song off the board.

To download the parent note and the PowerPoint Slide Show as well as a PDF file for the PPT slideshow for FREE check out my Teachers Pay Teachers site. 

**** If you need to alter my lyrics in anyway you must make sure to credit me, Janine Campos, the original author of this Parody with the following two forms in a font size no smaller than size 7 in all written/video/mp3/.mov etc forms you use or make.

©Janine Campos 2014