Kindergarten and First Grade Phonics - Letters with Two Sounds

Spelling in English can be so tricky! As emergent readers kids must keep track of so much at once. My students definitely need an anchor chart to help their memory along. Vowels have two sounds, C and G have a soft and hard sound, and then when kids start to learn vowel pairs they quickly need to realize that THEY too can have a second sound. Here is a freebie anchor chart I have created to print and laminate. It will help my kids along and I hope that it will help yours too.

decoding and recognition
Double Check the Sound - Flip It!

The link to the pdf file of the above chart can be found on my teachers pay teachers page under the title, Double Check Chart.

I enjoy using this pdf chart in a small group guided reading setting but what I LOVE is to use a large sheet of anchor chart paper, my scented markers, glue, scissors, some time after school and these same images to create a large ANCHOR CHART to hang up on my classroom walls.

I use the images from this pdf file and glue them on to the anchor chart.


This blog post also offers a free opportunity to recreate a small anchor chart onto LARGE paper. It features an anchor chart for vowel pairs that have the same sound. SOUND TWINS

My Pinterest Board Titled FIRST GRADE EDUCATION is full of anchor charts that feature PHONICS and Writing Skills

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