Father's Day Projects

I'm more of an academics first and cutesy stuff after kind of teacher but every now and then I throw the rules out the window and get swept up in the cutesy! Here are the steps I took to make the Father's day gifts my students will get to take home next week.

First I took their pictures holding up a toy phone to their ear. Then I glued the pictures into the outline of a smartphone and let them decorate the phone with markers. I used card stock to give the phones some weight.

Father's Day Cards - Smart Phone Theme

The phone's caption says, "Daughter (son) calling .... to say Happy Father's Day!" I put a magnet on the back of each so that Fathers would be able to mount them on the good ol' refrigerator or to their file cabinet at work. 

The kids had such a great time coloring their phones. They even let their imagination take over and started taking SELFIES and play calling each other as they colored!

The next step was to print out the Google Search Fathers' Day cards (also printed on card stock). The children were given a sample of a real google page logo so they could color accurately. Then I wrote their father's name on a post it note and instructed them to write it on the blue line. They were to write a description of why their father is so great and draw his picture. This little guy has the cutest description of his Dad.

"My Dad is the best because he teaches me to cook and be a good Dad."

Children colored the logo to match the real one. 

This card was laminated as well to ensure it will remain a time capsule. Last, the children were given ties cut out of construction paper. I showed them images of men's ties and asked them to use a combination of markers and crayons to make the kind of tie their Dad would wear to a fancy event.

I placed the Google card and the Smartphone Card inside a paper bag cut and folded to resemble a man's dress shirt.

Father's Day Craft Bags - Resemble Men's Dress Shirts

We used real buttons glued on the collar!
The bags are ready to be taken home by the end of this week! To create your own set of all of the above click on the link below.

~ Janine