Back to School Basics - Teaching Good Classroom Behavior

School has started for me! I teach for a modified year round school district. My six week Summer has come to a close. The night before school started I posted this picture to my Facebook much to the amusement of my fellow teachers on there. I'm sure they felt the same way.

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Back to School Napping Thoughts

When my kinders came to me this Monday, July 28, I was excited because last year I taught a kinder first grade split class which meant I had to go fast sooner. I missed the full "kindie" experience a lot. This week, I started establishing routines and procedures as well as practicing those preschool academics like tracing, circling, coloring, Xing out the wrong answer and circling the correct answer.  Most importantly, I am working on teaching good classroom behavior... starting with walking in line.

student behavior for kindergarten
Walking In Line for Kindergarten

Here is my wall of rules. It is right by the entrance and we go over the class rules every morning. 

Kindergarten classroom behavior
Classroom Behavior Posters

Beginning of the School Year Kindergarten
Classroom Management for Back to School Season

I have each poster in a PDF file so I can add it into a flip chart and display on my class' Promethean board for the kids each morning until they master them. To download a FREE SAMPLE POSTER for walking in line (shown in above picture on the right) click here

At the end of the day today, I tried giving them this handout. It utilizes the same adorable clip art from the posters. ( made by Educasong on TPT ) they did very well with it since they had to color to mark their answer and it's a skill we've been covering all week long. 

first 6 weeks of school for Kindergarten
Kindergarten Behavior Printables for Back to School Routines and Procedures

As I was waiting for the clock to strike in my classroom so I can head home,  I managed to get all these beauties copied, cut, collated, and stapled for the second week of Kindergarten.

Teaching good behavior in kindergarten, RTI
Class Behavior No No's

The above booklet helps to give examples of what NOT TO DO. Kids echo repeat the pattern sentences and trace the NO on each page. We will have a class discussion on each behavior and color the cute images.  It's been five days of kinder and I've already had someone throw a tantrum so this will come in handy next week.  

kindergarten RTI behavior strategies
Reminds me of the Marine Corps chants they sing as they run miles

The above booklet covers our walking in line chant. We recite it every time we need to walk as a class anywhere on campus. "I don't know but I've been told, Kindergartners are made of gold!" Just kidding. Our chant is soo much cuter. There are more pages in the booklet but they're not featured in the image above.  

teaching good behavior in Kindergarten
Being a good friend in Kindergarten

The above booklet is the opposite of the No-No's book. It gives all the great examples of kind and responsible behavior.

classroom management kindergarten
Teaching Good Behavior in Kindergarten

To have copies of all of the above handy, dandy PRINTABLES click this title: "Teaching Good Behavior in Kindergarten"