Reindeer Antlers Craft

Luckily, my school still has a Christmas Program on the last day before school lets out for Winter Break. For this year's performance, we dressed up as reindeer and sang Jingle Bells. Here is how I made the adorable antlers the kids wore. 

As you can see they're huge and are secured and tailored to each child's head with a brad and rubber band. 

For girls I put a piece of tape over the brad's legs so that it would create a seal and not pull on their hair. 

I've never used a template for these antlers so I don't have one for you to print. However, with any 18 X 13 construction paper you can easily make one antler set per child. I like to make durable templates out of Manila folders so I can use them to trace and not worry about tearing them. 

You can make a half sheet template and trace it onto a folder construction paper aligning it with the seam. 


You can make a full size template to trace onto a flat unfolded sheet of construction paper. 

 Last add the brads and rubber band. 

To further personalize the size to each child's head you can put the brads further back or use a smaller rubber band. 

Here's the class sporting their look. In years passed I put a little bit of red lipstick on their noses for a pop of color.