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Hello and welcome to my blog. I've taught Kindergarten for ten years. You can find my TPT store by clicking here. I sell under the name Miss Campos. I'd be honored if you chose to be a follower of my store.

The name of my blog came about after a series of events. In 2006, I was chatting with a Marine Corps officer. We were both out of town attending my brother's wedding. It was a weekday and I had left sub plans for my class. I wondered out loud, " I hope my class is behaving right now." He wondered the same thing for his Marines he left behind to attend the wedding.

Before we knew it were were sharing chuckles as we actually drew parallels between Marines and Kindergarteners! For example, toilet humor, walking in line skills, how a small change in their routine can throw them way off the whole day, songs helping their memory, even their behavior when having a substitute!

My blog is inspired by these comparisons and is aimed at helping with classroom management while maintaining a high, academic rigor. Oorah! Please use the blog post tags to navigate the blog. You'll find lots of pictures and free goodies not available anywhere else.

If you have any questions please email me at: misscamposclass@gmail.com

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