Kindergarten Writing : Opinion Writing

To introduce Opinion Writing I blow up these posters onto my Promethean Board and project them to my class. We talk about each bullet point and have a brainstorming session. Click here to enjoy them.

Opinion Writing
Opinion Writing Introduction Posters

Kindergarten Writing
Opinion Writing Posters for Introducing the Concept
Immediately after, I establish that students must give 3 reasons for their opinion to be taken seriously by whoever they are trying to convince. This is the very simple graphic organizer  I give to students to help them see their thoughts on paper. They can decorate the profile to resemble them and use each thought bubble to write out one reason for their opinion to total three.

Thought Bubbles
Opinion Writing Thought Bubbles

I also have an adorable girl and boy version both with and without lines in the thought bubbles which you can download on my Teachers Pay Teachers page. Here is the link.

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